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 T2O sKulLZ X

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T2O sKulLZ X

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PostSubject: T2O sKulLZ X   Sat 21 Feb 2009, 1:13 pm

hi, im from barcelona, in Spain, and i have 14 years old, but i speak catalan, spanish, french and english. im new in mohh2 usa, but since the first day that existed mohh2 eur in spain, i have it. thats true that in mohh2 eur we use sg, but my scores are excelent and not very people think the reallity, the best players are in spain. in europe, sometimes we make a tournament of the best players for each country, and the tournaments more importants are from spain and france. now in the tournament of spain only are alive 8 people, 8 pros, and im one of them. it will be difficult win that, but i can. when this tournament finish, i will stop playing in mohh2 eur for ever. in mohh2 eur i was ranks 9, 41 and 42, but then people hacked me for envidious. now im very happy of be with you, with the best team of the world, and im training to use bar and stg. i didnt know when i started in usa that sg was noob, and 1v1s are in the village, so i think there are more important things to know that i havent any idea, so plz, tell me important things of mohh2 usa. thank you for join me, bye!

see my photos from mohh2 eur:

in DTForiol2 i had more than 13000 points but then people hacked me and i deleted my acc.
in DartH WalKeT people hacked me more than 6000 points. then i gave this acc to a friend of my school.
i had another acc in top 100, PVTori1real, where i was rank 41 with 5000 points, but people hacked me and i was -100 points, and then i think i deleted my account. of this acc i havent any photo Sad
its for this reason too that i stop play in mohh2 eur, because people hack all top 100
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PostSubject: Re: T2O sKulLZ X   Sat 21 Feb 2009, 5:02 pm

sad man,, mohh2 usa its better
the only advice i can give u its: u need 2 play alot,, i think u just need alot of practice n everything will come 2 u
keep it up n welcome 2 T2O TIME 2 OWN!!
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T2O sKulLZ X

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