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 T2O iKoN

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T20 iKoN/Luigi

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PostSubject: T2O iKoN   Tue 23 Dec 2008, 5:22 pm

basically me and master are like nick and zack the diffrence we dont clan hopp. T2O mast3r is my blood cousin and is 1 year older than me Mad he was the person who got me into mohh2. master used to play mohh2 and 1day i tryed playing but i sucked so master haxed my psp 4 me and got me mohh2 and told me to get better.ok so me and master completed the game in bout 2 weeks and master found the online feature his first acc was - - -- - - (secret no1 allowed to no) so master got into ckm with this acc with his sniping skills i suked at this time so master told me everything there was to know eg wat clans wer and wat guns to use.once i was up on my feet i got into ckm with master and i was CKM ikon and CKM iNdUrAnCe so anyways coz i dident war atall and ckm sucked i left and me and master made our own clan TS9 i was TS9 iKoN and master bieng TS9 MAST3R we wer ts9 4 a bout 2 months recruiting but never waring me and master thought stuff this its shit so he goes to me ikon i wanna be t2o i said no u cant u suk(t2o was the greatess at this time)so two weeks later master was T20 MAST3R and this is when i met bossy boots(bowser) madman_mado(mad)snipo(snipe)shaiya(sayinz) they all helped me to get into t2o and im very thankful .and to end t2o ikon retired and suked but i would just like to say mast3r ur the best cousin any1 could ask 4 thanks for helping me to get into t20 ps u suk master kiss my bum im gonna kik ur assssssssssssss and i would like to say i will never leave t20 i will always stay online because i made mates like tato and dirty1 aka tatle and javey1 peace out t20 keep ownin
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PostSubject: Re: T2O iKoN   Sun 29 Nov 2009, 6:51 pm

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T2O iKoN

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