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PostSubject: Keewee   Thu 30 Jul 2009, 2:46 pm

1st i started in a noob clan LAL der i wuz for like a mont till Demon thought me how 2 be pro. After lal i tryout for HDG vs HDG rebornn i think i won 10-5 or 10-4 cant rememba.I stayed loyal to HDG i wuz der 4 likr for like a month. Afta HDG i decided to tryout for KF which i did. So i 1v1 Salt and lost 10-7. After i lost Salt said i could Join so i wuz KF Keewee till kf died . Afta kf died... i went solo 4 a while and den i told pin if i could join ka and he said no but den i asked gmal and he said yea lol so den dey talked for like an hour until pin allowed me to join KA der i was KA Keewee. After ka only had 4 ppl left me az sav gmal(pin went to BNP) i decided to quit and i went to BNP with pin.Der me and pin stayed BNP for a week and den we made a clan call L4C which tank was in it 2. After i joined L4C i felt like goin bak 2 BNP cuz lot of my friends wer der like Nike and TAm so i went bak to BNP. Der i stayed till BNP until it died cuz nike quit so everyone started quitting lol. so yea my last war with BNP was vs K4E me tam gk vs nick kratoz and pin...we said yea to da war cuz we thought k4e was noob clan lol. yea so we lost 3-0 3-1.. Den i joined K4E wer i stayed for a while till Nick quit so everyone started quitting(like BNP). So i left and joined iP as iP ELeMeNt. Der i stayed and i warred once i think vs t2o and won I decided to quit cuz ip was really inactive and dat really annoys me. So i went bak to ka as KA ToToDiLe. i wuz der till nick got me to join RT lol So here i am.

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